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Igniting Your Best
Recurs Every Week
Next Event: August 3
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New Beginnings Ladies Felowship
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Next Event: August 6
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Next Event: August 13
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Prayer requests

 Prayer can change your situation

Full Gospel Family Worship Center  is pleased to announce the ability for you to e-mail your prayer requests.  We have an awesome team of prayer warriors that can be contacted at a moment's notice to place your need before the Lord.

What's Happening
Celebrate the Reason For This Season at the Church Christmas Party
We're planning a party to celebrate the Birth of Jesus and you are invited. It will be on Friday evening, December 13th from 7:00pm - 9:00pm.
Bring your favorite casserole or Christmas dish or Christmas dessert. Pick something from your attic or garage or basement, a gift tht you would like to receive. Wrap your gift in a gift box. Bring it to the party and prepare for a great time in the Lord and a lot of laughter and fun.
If you are unable to bring something come and join us anyway.  We would love to get to know you and to share with you all that the Lord has blessed us with.
Igniting Your Best
New To FG Denton
Thanks for stopping by our website and taking the time to find out more about Full Gospel Denton. If you live in or around Denton, or are just visiting the area we would love to have you come join us for church on Sunday morning or Wednesday evening. We know that visiting a new church can make some people a little apprehensive, especially if someone has rarely or never been to church. So we hope and pray that the following information can assist in answering questions that you may have and will also assist in making your time with us more enjoyable. If you do not find the answers you are looking for here then please feel free to contact us either by phone at 940-382-1822 or in person at 209 Mockingbird Lane, Denton, Texas 76209.

As you enter our church you will be met by one or two people with a warm Texas welcome and handshake and assistance in finding your way around the church. You will receive a Bulletin that provides current information about what is happening at FG Denton and a visitor’s pack that provides more details, plus the opportunity for you to fill out a guest card. One of our ministers customarily contacts any first-time attendees to thank them for visiting; however, if you are not comfortable with being contacted please feel free to let us know. Our hope is that your experience with us will be pleasing to you.

Will I Be Singled Out As A Guest?
In our service we take a moment to recognize our first-time visitors, but we try to do nothing that will embarrass our new guests.

Do I Have To “Dress-Up”?
No. Come as you are. We are interested in you, the person, and not your wardrobe. You will find people wearing anything from jeans and a t-shirt to a jacket a tie or formal dress. Everyone is welcomed just the same no matter what their attire may be. In other words there is no dress code.

What Happens During FGFWC Services?

Normally our services start with live Praise and Worship music with an emphasis on more contemporary songs. During this time you are invited to participate in any way that you feel comfortable. You might choose to sit, stand, just listen, clap, raise your hands, sing along, kneel, cry, pray, laugh, walk around the altars – any or all of this. But please feel no pressure to do what everyone else may or may not be doing. Often during this part of the service you will see other people coming forward to be prayed for or ministered to as individuals or with others. Our Pastors and Worship & Tech Team always try to be sensitive to any direction that the Holy Spirit may be leaning.

During our time of tithes and offering guests are never expected to give. This time is allowed for our church family to have the opportunity to worship God by giving back some of what He has blessed them with. If you want to you are more than welcome, but as our guest please do not feel obligated to give anything financially.

After the music has subsided most of the younger children go to the Children’s Church ministry for a more age appropriate message and activity.
Senior Pastor Jack Howard preaches a Bible based message that teaches, inspires, and opens one’s heart to hear the word of God.

Will You “Fit” In?
You will not find any “perfect” people in our church. The congregation of FG Denton is comprised of all types of people from all walks of life who are seeking to live with and for Jesus. Each person has a different walk with the Lord and some may not yet have a relationship with Jesus or God or may never have been “saved”. However, we are like a family that loves one another and understands that God created each of us as individuals. And as the kid’s song says, “He’s still working on me”.

We are becoming a place where strangers become "like family" and where people learn to love as Jesus does and take an interest in each other’s lives by mentoring and encouraging one another.
FG Denton on YouTube
If you have missed a sermon or two at Full Gospel Denton you can still see and hear them on YouTube.  Simply go to the Full Gospel Denton YouTube page at

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